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Improving the natural healing ability within the human body!

The theory behind the Onnetsu therapy is that diseased or inactive cells or tissues are lacking energy (or heat) and are therefore cold. This coldness shows up on the skin above. Dr Tomeko Mitsui first thought of this idea when she found out about the power of Far Infrared (FIR) technology for deep body warming, and later developed Onnetsuki device for this new therapeutic modality. The onnetsuki device finds cold area on the skin and activates the cells under this skin area by transmitting the far infrared energy into the cells. Mitsui Onnetsuki is an approved medical device by Japanese ministry of health.

Once problematic areas are found on the skin Onnetsuki device is applied to those spots repeatedly. When the reaction subsides and the patient no longer feels hot in that area recovery has begun. Dr Mitsui used Onnetsuki to heal many patients. She developed treatment plans for diabetes, infertility, lower back pain and many other diseases.

In the recent years, there has been a lot of research on the use of heat therapies for the treatment of illness. Focus is now on the use of hyperthermia to treat cancers. Appropriately hot temperature destroys cancer cells but not normal cells. Professor Yumi ishihara reports that cancer cells multiply quickly at low body temperature. Cancer cells are killed rapidly at increased body temperatures. According to Prof Toru Abo, when body temperature is LOW - Number of lymphocytes is LOW and the function of lymphocytes is also low. Thus, immunity is low. When the number of lymphocytes increases, immunity is increased. When the function of lymphocytes improves, immunity is also increased. Onnetsu therapy increases the number of lymphocytes thus effectively raising immunity.

Onnetsuki is both a diagnosis and treatment device. Onnetsuki is safe and has no side effects. Onnetsuki is approved by FDA, No.: 220AGBZX0015400. Onnetsuki is used to add heat deep into the tissues and internal body organs to promote blood circulation. With the frequent use of Onnetsuki device, one's autonomic nervous system is tuned up and immunity gets optimized.

With Onnetsuki, many chronic disorders or pathology of the inner organs will be revealed. Onnetsuki device not only can reveal the condition of the inner organs but also heals! With regular use of Mitsui Onnetsuki, the body gets rejuvenated.