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Computerized Total Body Scan

Body Scan

High tech diagnostic computorized scan, based on bio-resonance of the cells, to check condition of all organs and find functional and structural issues in the organs as well as infections and their localizations.

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Gentle Colon Hydrotherapy!


Colon hydrotherapy is used to cleanse large intestine with water. Colon Cleansing is done with Open Gravity System by Dr. Natalya Vilner.

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Bio-Resonance Therapy

Bio Resonance Treatment

Bio-resonance Treatment is a type of Energy Medicine that detects electromagnetic frequencies emmitted by the organs and sends a feedback designed to correct those frequencies allowing the organs to come back to their optimal condition.

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Infrared Body Wrap!

Fit Body Wrap

Detox. Relieve Pain, Reduce Inflammation & Lose Weight! Infrared light penetrates under the skin, heating up the body, and has healing and detoxifying properties.

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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

We have several effective methods of Pain Relief such as electromagnetic waves by Rife Generator, Infrared Body Wrap with herbal compresses, lympatic drainage, and suction cups..

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Ionic Cleansing Detox

Ionic Detox

Detoxifiation of your blood, lymph and inner organs. Pulls out, through the pores of your skin, environmental pollutants, artificial chemicals, candida, tobacco debris. In addition, all the cells and organs become energized and stimulated.

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Lipo Laser

Cold Lipo-Laser is the latest technology for Weight Loss. This revolutionary system uses low level lasers for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body contouring treatments. It is a safe and painless process, which can be performed on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored.

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Electromagnetic Healing

Rife Machine

The treatments are performed by electromagnetic generator called "Rife Machine". Various electro-magnetic frequencies gainst infections: Bacteria, Viruses, Candida, Yeastand Parasites, to Reduce Pain & Inflammation . as well as Healing many Organs .

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Presso-Therapy (Lymphatic Drainage)

Lipo Laser

Presso-Therapy is a Lymphatic Massage done by machine, helping to eliminate toxins faster. Additionally emits infrared light ! Such lymphatic drainage helps reduce pain and swelling, to slim the body, and to relieve poor blood circulation.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)


Innvative magnetic waves generator effective for healing, organ restoration, detoxification, stress relief, sleep improvement, immunity restoration.

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Why purchase our Products?

Lipo Laser

The selection of our products is the result of my 40 years of practice of holistic medicine. There are many nutritional supplements companies on the market that produce the same vitamins, minerals and use the same herbs and other plants in their formulas. But not all those supplements, and their ingredients. are of equal quality, purity and work with the same effectiveness. It is not possible to determine quality and effectiveness of a remedy just by looking at the bottle since any label can put on any bottle. It is only by observing how different remedies work in real life through real holistic health practice it is possible to determine what formulas really work and Natalya did this selection for you picking the most effective products from dozens of different nutritional companies!

Herbal Detox

Lipo Laser

We offer herbal program for cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenating organs with concentrated herbs. The following very effective herbal products will assist in detoxifying vital inner organs:

  1. Intestinal Resque
  2. Kidney Resque
  3. Liver Balance Plus
  4. Colon Booster
  5. Heart & Lungs Plus
  6. Total Body Greens
  7. ParaCleanse
Comprehensive Detox price - $325

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Our Refund Policy:

Any supplements can be returned for refund only in unopened condition with manufacturer's seal intact and within a week from purchase.

Our Best Sellers!

Humic Minerals Humic minerals help to neutralize the toxic acids. It contains all the vital minerals your body needs for optimal health.
Food for Life Concentrated extracts of vegetables & sprouts, antioxidants, fibers, plant enzymes, 6 strains of probiotics and cinnamon powder.
Silver Liquid Liquid Colloidal Silver - a powerful natural antibiotic, 30ppm Nano-Silver. Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial natural product!
Nucleoimmune Nucleo Immune™ promotes protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora and immune system health.
Reishi Mushrooms This concentrated blend of Reishi and numerous other plants active components is even more effective in boosting immunity than eating plain Reishi mushrooms.
Body Wrap Iodine is a necessary element for Thyroid gland and production of essential thyroid hormones. It's also important for fighting infections inside the body. Iodine is a natural disinfectant.
Vitamin D3 Serum 1,000 IU of D3 Serum which is Vitamin D3 from a natural source as a fat soluble liquid. D3 is a preferred form of D vitamins by the body.
Colostrum Colostrum contains compounds that are essential for support of the immune system. Colostrum from the milk of pasture-fed cows contains important immunoglobulins similar to many human antibodies, such as Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
Fulvic Fulvic acid blocks allergic reactions in the body. Prevents brain disorders such as dementia and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Serra Peptaza The main ingredient Serrapeptase supports healthy respiratory and sinus function, as well as muscle joint and overall tissue health.
Natto Essential Natto Essential supports Immunity and Respiratory health! Its powerful silk worms derived enzymes help to decongest and clear sinuses and blood vessels. Improves circulation and helps to deliver oxygen to the cells. Helps to clear lungs.
Flora Essential Flora-Essential is a very effective blend of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes designed to promote healthy intestinal microflora and supress yeasts and unfriendly bacteria.
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