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Non-surgical fat reduction body shaping system!

It's like Liposuction but without surgery - painless procedure for reshaping!

We offer YOU the most effective, non - invasive, affordable treatment!

Cold Lipo-Laser is the latest technology for Weight Loss. This revolutionary system uses low level lasers for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body contouring treatments. It is a safe and painless process, which can be performed on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored. It works in all parts of the body where the fat is most accumulated. Lipo-Laser is an FDA approved system that uses low level lasers to melt fat in a non-invasive way. These lasers work through pads that are placed directly on the skin. It is recommended to exercise following treatment during the same day for at least half an hour. Once somebody completed a course of treatments they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep their results. During treatment nutritional supplements are also recommended because low level of Thyroid Gland and presence of Candida, Fungus and Yeast inside the body will definitely delay the process of loosing Weight! Additional treatments improve results further. Results can be seen immediately after each treatment. Infra Red Body Wrap treatment and exercise will accelerate the removal of fat.


Targeted fat reduction

Lipo-Laser can target fat reduction in specific problem areas. By positioning the laser pads on the target area such as chin, upper arms, abdomen or thighs fat can be broken down and removed specifically from that area. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat but not shape individual areas.

The areas that can be treated for fat reduction include:


The best result - between 8 and 12 treatments!