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European Computerized Total Body Screening!

European Computerized Bio-Resonance Device - Sensitiv Imago !

Sensitiv Imago Bio-Resonance Test for the Whole Body and Organs!

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Sensitiv Imago device is a unique testing, analyzing and healing technology, very accurate, that also creates an effective course of non-chemical holistic healing, though reading your own bio-frequencies.

Safe and non invasive - This device doesn't emit any harmful radiation.

This is not a test that you are used to: no X-rays, no MRIs, no CAT- Scans, nothing invasive.

According to quantum physics every cell, every organ, Whole Body Scan every microorganism has its own unique frequencies.

NO analogy in the world!

This technology was created on the basis of Quantum Physics discoveries.

You will find out the root cause of your health problems!

Body Scanning

The ability to see exactly what is happening inside your body and to actually see how your health improves is so valuable and this information can give you the peace of mind. Can you imagine you have the opportunity to evaluate yourself and your children at the cellular level without invasive procedures, needles and exposure to harmful radiation with 100% accuracy during 1 hour!

This information can actually save your life!

1. Scanning of:

2. Individual healing program based on scanning results

Everybody is unique. This device determines which food and remedy is compatible based on individual frequency emitted from the body. You buy supplements and take prescription drugs. How do you know if they are working for you? This technology can tell you if your medicine will work and what percentage.

  1. Walls, cavities of heart
  2. Valves of heart
  3. Vessels of heart
  4. Aorta
  5. Arteries
  6. Veins
  7. Blood vessels of the brain
  8. Spleen
  9. Blood cells, etc., etc.
  1. Gullet
  2. Stomach
  3. Duodenum
  4. Small intestines
  5. Large intestines
  6. Liver
  7. Gall-bladder
  8. Pancreas, etc.,
  1. Brain (5 cuts)
  2. Spinal cord
  3. Peripheral nerves, etc.,
  1. Hypothalamus
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Adrenal glands
  4. Thyroid gland
  5. Parathyroid gland
  6. Pancreas
  1. Kidneys
  2. Urethra
  3. Bladder