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European Computerized Bio-Resonance Device - Sensitiv Imago !

Whole Body Scan

Safe and non invasive - This device doesn't emit any harmful radiation.

This is not a test that you are used to: no X-rays, no MRIs, no CAT- Scans, nothing invasive.

According to quantum physics every cell, every organ, and micro-organism has its own unique frequencies.

NO analogy in the world!

This technology was created on the basis of Quantum Physics discoveries.

You will find out the root cause of your health problems!

The ability to see exactly what is happening inside your body and to actually see how your health improves is so valuable and this information can give you the peace of mind.

Can you imagine you have the opportunity to evaluate yourself and your children at the cellular level without invasive procedures, needles and exposure to harmful radiation with 100% accuracy during 1 hour!

Scanning of:

  1. All health problems, weak organs, diseases and the root causes of diseases in one session
  2. All possible pathologies
  3. Possible allergens and food intolerance
  4. Prognosis of disease development for the period of 1 to 5 years ahead
  5. Toxic overload, it's localization and ability of organs to get rid of toxins - heavy metals, environmental toxins , pesticides, herbicides, food preservatives.
  6. All kind of infections - Viruses, Bacteria's, Candida-Fungi, Parasites, Worms
  7. Abnormal changes in the organs and systems.
  8. Genetic Predisposition, Psychological Stress and how it effects your health.
  9. Acid-alkaline balance in the tissues.

Individual healing program based on scanning results

  1. Bio-Resonance Treatment: It will help to balance, rebuild your organs and systems
  2. Individual sequence of healing
  3. Bio Resonance treatment to clean, rebuild and restore your organs.
  4. MORA stimulate the body's innate defenses, allowing to initiate tissue regeneration and other restorative processes.
Body Scanning


  3. BRAIN & NERVOUS System
  4. URO-GENITAL System