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Revolutionary Technology for Weight Loss & Reshaping!


At Temple of Wellness Holistic center we have a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes various treatments with latest fat burning machines, colon cleansing, and sweating in Infra-Red sauna. In addition, experienced naturopath Nataly Vilner provides nutritional consultations and supplements that facilitate fat loss.

Body Wrap Burn over 1000 calories per session! Detox, relieve pain, reduce inflammation & sweat heavily using Infrared light and heat!
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Lipo Laser Cold Laser painlessly melting fat in the desired areas, allowing to Reshape the body parts of your choice non-invasively & without surgery!
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Colonic Colonic can facilitate weight loss by removing toxic accumulations in the intestines. We use modern, no pressure gravity equipment and make cleansing safe & comfortable.
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Presso-Therapy Lymphatic drainage using compressible body suite that inflates applying pressure on torso, arms and legs. Assists in Weight Loss and Detox.
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Recommended Diet Pic Diet recommended by Natalya for Weight Loss and health improvement.
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Weight Loss Mini-Package

Procedures: 4 Colonics + 4Lipo-Laser sessions
Products: Skinny Body Max + Total Body Greens

Weight Loss Comprehensive Package

Procedures: 8 Colonics + 8 Lipo-Laser sessions
Products: 2 bottles of Skinny Body Max + 2 bottles of Total Body Greens
*You can replace Colonics with Infra-Red Body Wrap.

For people who have issues with: Slugish Thyroid, Adrenals, Hormonal System Dis-balance, Fatty Liver, Diabetes, those who want to improve their health in addition to losing weight:
Liver Cleanse Products: Liver ND, Gall Bladder ND, Detox ND
Products to improve Digestion: Inf-Zyme Forte
For Thyroid Balance: ThyroVen, Xenostat
For Female Hormones: Female Balance, Hormonal Support, Progesterone Crème, Vitamin B complex (liquid)
For Male Hormones: ThyroVen, Xenostat, Premium Testosterone, Best Prostate, Vitamin B complex (liquid)

Click Hear to see the DIET recommended by Temple of Wellness!

             Fit Body Wrap


FIT Bodywrap is the only combination of infrared heat wrap on the market and it was scientifically proven that it helps you to burn fat and lose weight. It is more effective than cardiovascular exercise and the infrared rays are very effective in alleviating muscle spasms and pain, joint stiffness, arthritis, ear nose and throat conditions, even sports injuries!

What Can FIT Bodywrap Do For You?

Body Wrap

Benefits include:

  1. Reduced muscle & joint pain
  2. Detoxification of chemicals and toxins
  3. Fat Burn
  4. Smoothed away cellulite
  5. Faster metabolism
  6. Skin tone and elasticity improvement
Fit Body Wrap Prices