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Electromagnetic Healing

Infrared Heat

Do you have pain?

We help very quickly and effectively.

We have the best combination of pain relief equipment.

  1. Infrared Body Wrap
  2. Light Electro-Magnetic Generator
  3. Massage Therapy

During many years of practice we found and tested the most effective ways to help you relieve your pain and improve health!

What is Infra-Red Heat ?

TheInfra-Red Heat is a natural light (present in the sunshine spectum) in a concentrated form and it is well known for relieving pain and inflammation

When the body is exposed to infra-red light the rays penetrate deep inside and the tissues start to heal because of improved circulation. The deep heat increases blood circulation, that's why inflammation, pain and lactic acid in the inside the muscles go away.

The increase in temperature can increase blood flow. The increase in blood circulation plus deeply penetrating heat provide effective pain relief. Inflammation that causes stiffness can also be helped with the use of infrared heat as new blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the area of the body experiencing pain that can promote healing. Soothing infrared waves may also provide the body with more energy to heal. Deep relaxation, regulated cortisol levels, weight loss, and detoxification are also wellness benefits infrared heat can provide.

What is Light Electro-Magnetic Generator ?

Another name is Rife Generator because it was invented by Royal Rife. This device emits various electromagnetic frequencies and different frequencies are used for different health problems. This machine also has effective programs for pain and inflammation relief

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