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Health Related Services

In Temple of Wellness holistic center we have the following Health promoting services in addition to the great choice of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.

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Scanning by the latest Bio-Resonance Device allows to find out existing and developing pathological conditions as well as infections in every organ. This unique whole body exam can scan all Your Organs and Cells very fast and amazingly accurate! It is absolutely safe and non-invasive. It provides Complete Information about your Health Condition! It scans electromagnetic information from your brain and the powerful software analyses it to produce visual models of all organs. The brain contains complete information about the condition of each organ and tissue in your body since they all have their own unique vibrational signal. Special software analyzes the data and describes the condition of each organ and system.
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We use modern, no pressure gravity equipment and make cleansing safe & comfortable. We offer two types of Colonic - regular and with additional ingredients in the water such as baking soda and essential oils to eliminate candida, yeast, parasites and to alkalize the body. We also have two different models of colonic machines Libby & Colenz. Colenz has thinner speculum than Libbe and less water pressure. The colonics are comfortable and relaxing. During the colonic procedure you will be able to read, watch TV or listen to music!
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Ionic Cleansing

Removes toxins from your body through the feet using negatively & positively charged ions. You can observe as the water changes color.
The Ionic Detoxification system helps to eliminate toxins safe and fast giving immune system a boost. Actually, this is Anti-Aging method to prolong our life. Among all of the detoxification procedures the Ionic Foot Bath Detox is the fastest and most effective method to remove toxins directly from blood, lymph and intercellular fluids.
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Life System

Quantum bio-feedback device releases stress and emotional traumas and much more by correcting the bio-energy field. The Life System device is based on principles of quantum physics and have numerous tests and therapies that include bio-resonance and quantum biofeedback. This device uses a computer in which a special software analyzes the waves it receives from the patient's body. These systems are designed for stress management through biofeedback communication to the subconscious. This is holistic approach to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, providing the body with the capacity to take charge in regulating its functions and self-balancing.
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PEMF Treatments

PEMF energy treatments with Ampcoil machine to balance energy fields, restore cellular metabolism and remove pain & inflammation. PEMF means Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, which is a beneficial kind of energy which the machine generate for improving cellular metabolism and circulation. Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields balance your body's chemistry penetrating inside the body to produce beneficial effects. Disruption of this energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism. If your cells are not healthy, your body is not healthy. The AmpCoil is a sound technology based on PEMF which brings the cells of the body in tune with their original vibration.
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Pain Management We offer the best treatments to eliminate pain. Infra-Red heat, Rife electro-magnetic frequencies, & PEMF. Light Electro-Magnetic Generator is also called Rife Generator because it was invented by Royal Rife. This device emits various electromagnetic frequencies and different frequencies are used for different health problems. This machine also has effective programs for pain and inflammation relief, as well as frequencies for eliminating all kinds of infections.
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