Head Heading


If you feel you are sick - sneezing, coughing, headache, high temperature, and in general all the symptoms of any viruses. I want to give you instructions based on my 40 years experience and treating thousands of people.

First - drink a lot of hot fluids. One cup after another as much as you can. You must sweat. You can take teas with ginger, turmeric and honey. Put your feet in container with hot water for 30 minutes. You can add mustard powder, ground ginger that you boiled before and add hot cayenne pepper. You must sweat as much as possible.

Second - boil one litter of water in a pot then add one table spoon of backing soda and several cloves of squeezed garlic. Turn off the flame, cover yourself with blanket or thick towel and breath in the steam from the pot for 15 minutes. If water cools off and steam is gone boil the water again and continue. Do it at least 3 times a day. If the coughing is sever do it at least every two hours. In between drink hot teas. It is important to sweat.

Third - you can also apply ginger compress on your chest. Grind one or two roots of ginger. Add a little bit of boiled water. Make a paste. Cover with several layer of bounty. Then cover with towel or scarf and keep it as much as possible 2-3 hours. Combine the above procedures with high quality supplements from our store for immunity. https://templeofwellness.myshopify.com In Immune System section.