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Bio-Resonance Treatment (BRT) with Sensitive Imago

Our diagnostic machine Sensitiv Imago has many features. Not only can it diagnose the state of your organs, find pathologies, tissue damage and disease processes but it can also treat any organ and help it recover. This devise heals using the process called bio-resonance.

Bioenergy resonance or bio-resonance is a type of Energy Medicine that detects electromagnetic frequencies emmitted by the body and sends a feedback designed to correct those frequencies. When the cells and organs begin to vibrate correctly this allows the organ (under treatment) to come back to its optimal condition. This therapy works on the human energy field or aura, and since aura is connected to the phisical body changes in the energy field produce corresponding changes in the physical body.

Bioresonance simulates organs to heal themselves, produces NO side effects and represents the next stage in the evolution of medical science.