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Products for Digestion and Elimination of waste:

Fit Wrap Banner jpg Contains enzymes from organic sources that help to digest carbs, fats and proteins
Chem Detox jpg Chem Detox absorbs, like a sponge, chemicals, toxins and heavy metals in the intestinal tract and helps to excrete them.
Mag07 jpg Mag07 slow releases oxygen to soften the stool and gently cleanses the colon.
Premier HCL png HCL is a digestive acid - one of the most important stomach juices necessary for the digestion of proteins and also for disinfection of foods in the stomach. HCL dissolves harmful bacteria, germs and parasites in the stomach as well as being a primary ingredient for food digestion.
Premier HCL Activator Complements the Premier HCL supplement to activate the HCL digestive acid making it more effective for digestion of food and killing pathogenic bacteria and parasites.

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