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Fit Body Wrap

Burn Calories & Promote Healing with Infrared Heat!

FIT Bodywrap is the only combination of infrared heat wrap on the market and it helps you to burn fat and lose weight. Infrared rays are also very effective in alleviating muscle spasms and pain, joint stiffness, arthritis, ear nose and throat conditions, even sports injuries!

You will watch the inches melt away while watching TV, reading a book, or taking a nap

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Benefits include:

  1. Reduced muscle & joint pain
  2. Detoxification of chemicals and toxins
  3. Fat Burn
  4. Smoothed away cellulite
  5. Faster metabolism
  6. Skin tone and elasticity improvement
Fit Body Wrap Prices How It Works

A FIT Bodywrap is a dual-action system. The first action is caused by the far infrared heat of the FIT Bodywrap. This heat does not make fat leave your body. Instead, the heat from a FIT Bodywrap actually breaks stored fat down and converts it into fatty acids that are used by your muscles for energy. As the FIT Bodywrap heats your body, you begin to sweat to cool down. This sweat is fueled by the energy from the converted fatty acids.

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