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Our Full Deep Detox Program

Combination of Products & Procedures for Comprehensive Detox!

Combination of Colonic + Ionic Detox + Infrared Body Wrap + Natural Products (Total Body Greens + Liver ND + Detox ND). It provides the Deeper Cleanse than each product or procedure individually since it addresses different body systems!

Included Services

Colonic - the best procedure to quickly cleanse the colon (i.e. large intestine) and flush out the waste including the hardened stool that stuck up to the intestinal walls. The waste and toxins, if not flushed out of the colon, get reabsorbed into the blood stream and poison other organs and cells and increase the burden on the liver to detoxify extra toxins.

Ionic Detox - pulls out the toxins and heavy metals through the skin of your feet. You put the feet into the tub of water and special electrodes reliese positively and negatively charged ions which penetrate the skin and attach to the unwanted molecules in the blood, lymph, liver, joints and other tissues.

Infrared Body Wrap - a lot of sweating and good detox plus infra-red light has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Included Products.

Total Body Greens - Superfood with over 30 natural, organic ingredients. Concentrated greens, roots and seaweeds, 3 kinds of fibers, blend of different enzymes and probiotics. It contains all the micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs and it also alkalizes the blood and promotes detox on the cellular level. The modern diet makes most people very acidic (which is not natural and causes many diseases) so it's extremely important nowadays to shift the body's PH to the alkaline side.

Liver ND - improves the function of the liver which is the major detox organ which neutralizes to toxins and harmful substances. In the modern environment the liver is usually overwhelmed in most people and cannot process so many toxins.

Detox ND - the name speaks for itself.

Total Price of the Detox Program - $240