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30 Years Experience in Holistic Medicine!

During my successful practice of Natural Medicine I helped thousands of people, including children, to regain true health. I use the most Effective Procedures, Natural Herbal and Nutritional Products to achieve the best results for you!

In Temple of Wellness I use unique European Diagnostic Equipment - European Computerized Body Scan , Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionic Cleansing, Life System Biofeedback, Infra-red therapy, Electro-Magnetic therapy, Lipo-laser, Pain Management, Acupuncture , Massage Therapy , Herbs and Nutrition to address even the most difficult health issues. Plus decades of experience in eliminating Candida, Parasites and all kinds of Infections.

Healing & Detox Procedures

Body Scan European Quantum Technology!
In 1 hour you'll get
complete detailed information about your organ conditions and the real causes of your health issues.
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Colonic Internal cleansing is a key to health, longevity & beauty! We use modern,
no pressure gravity equipment and
make cleansing safe, easy & affordable
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Ionic Cleansing Removes toxins from your body
through the feet using negatively & positively charged ions. You can observe as the water changes color.
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PEMF Treatments PEMF energy treatments with Ampcoil machine to balance energy fields, restore cellular metabolism and remove pain & inflammation.
Natalya will discuss, over the phone or Skype, the root causes of your symptoms, what lifestyle and nutritional changes you need to make to get rid of your health issues and what natural supplements and procedures will help you to get well!
Life System The newest computerized biofeedback method reading subtle energy vibrations and providing immediate feedback to correct the energy field.
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Acupuncture Licensed Acupuncturist, knowledgeable in the Ancient Chinese medicine, with 8 years of experience - Dmitriy Khelemskiy is available in our office by appointment
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Pain Management We offer the best treatments to eliminate pain. Infra-Red heat, Rife electro-magnetic frequencies, and Medical Massage. This combination is proven to work the most effectively against pain.
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Weight Loss Procedures

Bamboo Salt
Lower blood sugar using ancient oriental remedy - Bamboo Salt. A combination of effective natural remedies is available to address Diabetes.... Read More
Lipo Laser Cold Laser painlessly melting fat in the desired areas, allowing to Reshape the body parts of your choice non-invasively & without surgery!
Body Wrap Burn over 1000 calories per one session! Detox, relieve pain, reduce inflammation & sweat heavily using scientifically proven Infrared light and heat!
Presso-Therapy Lymphatic drainage using compressible body suite that inflates applying pressure on torso, arms and legs. Assists in Weight Loss and Detox.
Unlimited sessions
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1728 E. 19th St. Suite 1A, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Tel. (347)495-8489,         (718)975-2968

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